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Monday, 24/Jun/2019, 3:04 PM
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Q. What do you mean by Internet Connection?

Ans.  Internet connection is also a pre-requisite for e-business as e-business owes its existence to the Internet. When we open our Internet connection, the service provider tells us to install the web Browser. In fact, it is only the web Browser that takes us into the world of e-business.

 Q. What is the Need for outsourcing of Services?

Ans.  Need for Outsourcing of services:

(1) To obtain specialized Services

(2) To Get Benefits of latest developments

(3) To avoid fixed investment

(4) To run business efficiently

 Q. Describe the nature of outsourcing of services.

Ans.  Nature of outsourcing of services:

(1) Availablity of specialized service agencies

(2) Quality service

(3) Cheaper service

(4) Increase in efficiency of the users

 Q. What do you understand by outsourcing?

Ans.  Outsourcing of services means delegation of one or more business processes to an outside agency that would normally have been performed within the organization on a regular basis.

 Q. Mention the resources required for e-business.

Ans.  Resources required for e-business:

(1)Adequate computer systems

(2) Internet connection and telecommunication system

(3) A website

(4) Technically qualified workforce

(5) Fool-proof system of receiving payments

 Q. What are the benefits of e-business?

Ans.  Benefits of e-business:

(1) Worldwide market and global choice

(2) Rapid response to needs

(3) Time saving

(4) Reduction in operation cost

(5) Personalized products and services

(6) Ease in launching new product

 Q. What is the meaning of e-commerce?  

Ans.  E- Commerce is an electronic system of dealing in all-commercial activities and business transactions through Internet. E-commerce can take place within or among three groups of economic factors namely business, government and individuals.

 Q. Name the types of services which are outsourced.

Ans.  Types of outsourcing services:

(1) Financial Services

(2) Advertising services

(3) Courier Services

(4) Customer Support Services

 Q. What are essential elements for security and safety of e-business transactions?          

Ans.  There are five essential elements for security and safety of transactions carried out through e-business:

(1) Authenticity: It implies that each party in a transaction must ascertain with certainly the identify of the other party

(2) Integrity: It implies that there must be honesty in dealings.

(3) Confidentiality: It implies that there must be privacy of the transaction

(4) Non- reputability of origin: It implies that the parties to a transaction cannot subsequently deny their production

(5) Non-reputability of receipt: It implies that the seller subsequently cannot deny the payment received.

 Q. List the opportunities offered by E-Business.

Ans.  E-business offers tremendous opportunities to following four parts of the business:

(1) Opportunity to producers: E-Business enables producers to select the best suppliers regardless of their geographical location. The producers can acquire quality raw materials and latest production technology from new suppliers.

(2) Opportunity to wholesaler / distributes: Wholesaler by taking the advantage of e-business can work more closely with their suppliers and they can be more responsive to the needs and expectations of their retailers and customers

(3) Opportunity to retailer: A retailer can save his existence by linking his business with the on – line Distribution. There fore the retailers who have the capacity to link their business with the online, E-business is a good opportunity

(4) Opportunity to customer: Customers can purchase required quality products and services at competitive prices from suppliers anywhere in the world.

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