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Monday, 24/Jun/2019, 2:35 PM
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Organisational Behaviour & Theory


Block-1: Basic organizational   concept.

                Unit-I:  organization-concept and typologies –organization and Environment interface.

                Unit-II: Approaches to organizational Analysis –The classical organization theory and Neo-classical approach.

                Unit-III: Systems and contingency approach –their review and appraisal.

Block-2: organization Structure.

                Unit-I: Structuring   Organisational relationship – authority, power and status relationship.

                Unit-II:  Departmentation-on choosing a basic for departmentation, Span of management.

                Unit-III:  Centralization and Decentralization, Delegation  of  Authority, Bureaucratization   of  organization and  unanticipated  consequences  thereof.

Block-4: Motivation and  Directing of  organizational  Behaviour

                Unit-I: Motivation –Need  Hierarchy theory, Two factor  theory, Expectancy  model.

                Unit –II: Controlling  and Behavioural  dimensions  of control.

                Unit-III: Leadership  styles, Leadership  effectiveness.

Block-5:  organizational  Effectiveness  -concept and  Development.

                Unit-I:  organizational  Effectiveness –concept  and  approaches.

                Unit-II: communication  and  Making communication effective .

                 Unit-III: Management  of  change  and  organizational  Development .
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