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Tuesday, 05/Dec/2023, 5:06 PM
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1.       (a) Explain what you understand by the term ‘Communication’. Briefly describe the process of communication.


(b) Write briefly on any two of the following:

                (i) The first model of communication

                (ii) The goals of communication

                (iii) The importance of feedback

2.       (a) What are the types of business communication? How can there be better communication in an organization?


       (b) Write briefly on any two of the following:

                (i) Importance of group discussion in recruitment process

                (ii) Individual and group presentations

                (iii) Features of grapevine communication.

3.       (a) What is a sales letter? What are the advantages of sending a sales letter?


       (b) Write briefly on any two of the following:

                (i) The purpose for sending circulars

                (ii) Use of memo

                (iii) The stages and nature of collection letter for nonpayment

4.      (a) The Directors of Polar Refrigeration Company are concerned about slump in sales of their popular product ‘Supercool’ in Tinsukia district. A subcommittee has been formed to present a report on the declining sales. Present a report based on your investigation.


       (b) Write briefly on any two of the following:

                (i) The role of attitude in making an effective presentation

                (ii) Differences between sales and training presentation

                (iii) Guidelines for survey

5.       (a)    Write briefly on any two of the following:

(i)      Kinesics

(ii)    Para language

(iii)   Modern forms of communicating


       (b) A leading company invites applications from highly motive persons to market its personal computers and accessories. Job requirements are a Commerce Degree and at least two years experience in similar position. Candidates with at least diploma in marketing management and good communication skills would be preferred. Apply with resume and expected salary to

                                The Personnel Manager

                                M/s Microchips International

                                Post Box No.: 51

                                GPO, Chennai – 600 001.


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