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Tuesday, 05/Dec/2023, 6:00 PM
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1.     (a) Explain the basic forms of communication. What are the different levels at which communication takes place?


     (b) Write briefly on any two of the following:

                                (i) Audience analysis

                                (ii) Mathematical model of communication

                                (iii) Grapevine

2.    (a) What are the principal barriers to communication? How can these be overcome?


(b) Write briefly on any two of the following:

                                (i) SWOT analysis

                                (ii) Group discussion as a part of a selection process

                                (iii) The types of report

3.      (a) What are the basic characteristics of a business letter? Write a note on the various purposes for which a business letter is written.


      (b) Suppose you are working in the marketing division of a cosmetic company. Identify the market segment and draft a sales letter propagating the extra-plus in your latest talcum powder.  

4.   (a) Assume that you are a management trainee in a multinational company dealing with marketing of software. There has been a slight change in the market as a result of which you need to change your strategies. Write a brief report to the Managing Director with regard to the changes that need to be brought about.


(b) Write briefly on any two of the following:

                (i) The essentials of an effective presentation skill

                (ii) Use of visual aids in oral presentation

                (iii) The intercultural factors affecting interaction at international level

5.       (a) The following advertisement for jobs appeared in a local daily:


Looking for Sales Manager


                                Age – 25 to 35 years

                                Education – Commerce graduate

                                Experience – 2 years

                                Vehicle ownership – Compulsory (2/4 wheelers)


                                Attractive salary with incentives + high career growth contribution

                                Apply with resume and expected salary to –

                                                ING Life India

                                                1st Floor, Ganpaty Enclave

                                                Near Bora Service Station

                                                G. S. Road, Guwahati – 7.


      (b) Write briefly on any two of the following:

                                (i) The modern technological aids used for communication

                                (ii) Proxemics

                                (iii) Listening as an important component of the communication process.

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